My first time with any sort of “genuine” nudity was hanging out at my

grandparents’ house wearing only a towel on a weekend when the only clothing we brought along were being washed. My brother and I were goofing around and sitting on the front staircase of nude beach gallery (a Ohio farmhouse with many improvements over an equivalent number of years), and I clearly remember noticing how “cool” it felt when the wind blew under my towel.
Hmmm, what is this odd and amazing sense? Years after I recall going back to my room to change into pajamas and instead returning to the living room wrapped just in a soft comforter. My parents were both still conscious and I joined them by returning to sitting in a rocking chair we’d at the time. I felt as “sneaky” as could be and as if I was getting away with something even by being naked underneath the comforter.
All of these early experiences led up to a want to being MORE naked, more commonly in more manners; ways I had just barely begun to imagine. So, in my middle teens I purchased some trade paperbacks on nudism from and these actually and truly expanded my comprehension of the potentials for going nude socially!!! Before I even attempted it I had this idea that I ‘d “love” it more than anything else I ‘d done in life, and that this new found preconception would take me past any type of bookings or nervousness I might have about undressing.
The grinning folks of all ages in my novels seemed so honest and joyful that I really wondered what I was missing out on for a long time! My whole life up to then judging by the ages of the youngest children in these photographs, and I felt like this was part of life being actively “hidden” from me! I don’t think a short skinny-dip with my brother and a friend really counted, although it was fun and we also did some nude experimenting in sleeping over at the buddy’s house on weekends; nothing more than interesting exploration of possibilities for NOT wearing clothing.
White Tail Park (subsequently, “Resort” now) was my first organized societal intro and it couldn’t have been a better time! This was in the late 1980’s, Springtime as well as on a well attended weekend with RVs, campers, day visitors and permanent residents all present. It was an encounter equalling my readings, imagination and expectations and so I was fortunate for such a great launch.

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