Obviously, erections should be covered up!

Nevertheless, they’ll occur dispite everyone’s efforts to prevent them because a lot of us are still making the transition from the textile lifestyle. Male physiology makes it impossible for a man to remain entirely flaccid during the day.

A lot of us who are a newcomer to this life would likewise like some reassurance that the problem will diminish with time and better understanding.

A G string is not an acceptable alternative. Entire nudity is the normal state for guys in addition to women. We need to learn new thinking and behaviour, not go back to the cloth world’s way of seeing things. Even if I could find one, I’d not wear it. Many naturists and fair-minded cloth folks would consider it more sexually provocative than just innocent nudity.

A libertine or an exhibitionist may sometimes drift into a nudist crowd, but I’m not talking about them. url desire such individuals evicted from polite society.

I do consider that it’s useful to discuss etiquette and basic biology. I wish I’d learned some of these lessons when I was a boy, perhaps of middle school age.

It has been indicated that a public forum is unsuitable for such open discussions, because children may stumble upon it. I hope that parents and teachers are carefully monitoring the Internet use of children and providing some guidance to teenagers. I steadfastly believe that at some age, possibly middle school, boys and girls need to be reading the sort of info in this newsgroup and have their parents there to guide them through these issues that they’ll soon be confronted with at the cusp of adolescence. To support my contention, I must call attention to the fact that INA has created a thread specifically to discuss problems such as this.

To GalSurfer: I’m especially concerned concerning the sensibilities of the female contributors to this newsgroup.

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I would like to assure you that I am opposed to sexual “flaunting” as you place it, as it’s demeaning and intimidating to http://teennudist.net who are made to tolerate it. I think some of us made a poor choice of words by saying “arousal” without quickly explaining that in its mildest form, it may not be perceptible to the casual onlooker. I actually don’t know any men of good will who would not immediately withdraw from public view if matters took a turn for the worse. If any readers do not know how to behave, this forum can help fast bring “newbie” conduct in line with our community’s standards.

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